Al Gore Claims He Needs $15 Trillion to Fight Global Warming

Climate change being a significant issue is far from having been proven, but money hungry Al Gore is still sticking to his guns.

As a matter of fact, Gore says he needs a whopping $15 TRILLION to “fight” to so-called global warming.

Sound legit?


From The Daily Caller

A group of executives who want to fight global warming have published a new report calling for countries to spend up to $600 billion a year over the next two decades to boost green energy deployment and energy efficiency equipment.

The Energy Transitions Commission’s (ETC) report claims “additional investments of around $300-$600 billion per annum do not pose a major macroeconomic challenge,” which they say will help the world meet the goals laid out in the Paris agreement.

ETC is made up of energy executives, activist leaders and investment bankers, including former Vice President Al Gore, who would no doubt get a piece of the trillions of dollars they are calling for.

ETC’s goal is to “accelerate change towards low-carbon energy systems that enable robust economic development” and limit global warming. ETC’s report comes out as the Trump administration considers whether or not to stay party to the Paris agreement, which went into effect in 2016.

Trump has ordered Obama-era policies meant to comply with the Paris agreement be rolled back, but the White House is mulling whether or not to pull out the agreement altogether.

European countries and energy companies have been pressuring the White House to stay party to Paris.

via Truthfeed

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