WHOA – WikiLeaks Drops an A-BOMB on Campaign…’The Day After Benghazi Hearing, Hillary…’

I’m sure many of our readers roll their eyes when they hear story after story about how our system of government is rigged. Yes, I know, it gets old. So often you hear from conservative blogs and news sites about how the Obama administration has pulled strings to give Hillary Clinton and her cronies a pass, despite numerous allegations of wrong doing.

You might be getting tired of us right wingers, crowing about how corrupt our government is. It might be getting so old, you are beginning to doubt any of it is true.

But the bottom line is: we wouldn’t be crowing if there wasn’t anything to crow about.

The overwhelming evidence of collusion within the government to protect the illegal behavior of Hillary Clinton is far too great to ignore. Time and again we’ve seen her criminal misdeeds; they’re often shown off to the world. Yet when the time comes for our government to hold her accountable, she gets off scot free.

What else can we say, except the current system is rigged in her favor?

From Allen B. West:

The FBI “investigation” into Hillary Clinton’s email practices as secretary of state provides a microcosm of the rampant corruption among the Washington elite that has angered so many Americans…

And the hits just keep on coming. We’ve now learned that just the day after the House Select Committee hearing on Benghazi last October, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman met for dinner with a top Justice Department official — the same one who ultimately denied a request from Republican lawmakers to appoint a special counsel to lead the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

As The Daily Caller reports:

The day after Hillary Clinton testified in front of the House Select Committee on Benghazi last October, John Podesta, the Democrat’s campaign chairman, met for dinner with a small group of well-connected friends, including Peter Kadzik, a top official at the Justice Department.

The dinner arrangement, revealed in hacked Podesta emails released by WikiLeaks, is just the latest example of an apparent conflict of interest between the Clinton campaign and the federal agency charged with investigating the former secretary of state’s email practices.

When four Americans–one of whom was a top official–die oversees, you better believe there will be an investigation. A situation as serious as the Benghazi attack needs to be addressed. People must be held accountable for the loss of life, to find out just what happened–and if it could have been avoided.

We know that there were multiple resources available and at the ready to rescue the Americans under siege in Libya. Yet Hillary Clinton, out of incompetence or sheer indifference, told each of them to stand down. She purposely prevented those troops from intervening, leading to the death of four Americans.

Such a terrible act would have meant the job of any other official. Even, perhaps, serious criminal ramifications. But because it was Obama’s administration–full of insider cronies–Hillary Clinton’s people were able to manipulate and bamboozle them, preventing a proper investigation.

This is why we say the system is rigged, because it is. For far too long Hillary Clinton has make a mockery of our laws and society. She has gotten rich by defrauding the American people. Now she has the audacity to want to become president.

Take a stand and tell Hillary and every other D.C. insider that we will no longer tolerate their behavior.

source Allen B. West via Patriot Journal

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